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Necchi Vapore SP52L 80cm Extra Large Steam press

Necchi Vapore SP52L 80cm Extra Large Steam press

  • £499.00


SP52L (Extra Large press) Pressing area 80 cm long 31 cm wide


Never been at a lower price with this quality, the new Necchi Steam Press can be used in the conventional manner, ie clothing, curtains, sheets etc.

It is the classic Ironing press for every day use, can also be tucked away into a small area when locked. Has a very small floor space footprint.

Use the SP52L extra burst of steam feature on those stubborn wrinkles.

The Necchi Steam Press has this feature, and more, also an power on / off switch for safety.

The amount of steam can be varied, simply by press the steam control button when needed.
The Decor Steam Press steams from the upper plate directly on to the fabric and is as good as any trouser press for providing a razor sharp crease just where it’s needed.

Pressing is kinder to fabrics because it avoids putting a shine on the material and helps garments keep their shape and as there is no to and fro ironing movement, everything lasts longer too!

Much larger pressing area than that of a conventional Iron and with many fabrics you can press several layers simultaneously.
Take the drudgery out of the ironing, sit down make your self comfortable, press away and see the pile of ironing disappear fast.
The Necchi Steam Press press is a simple one handed operation, for light weight fabrics the handle is lowered to the first position... for automatic high pressure - normal ironing the handle is lowered to the second position giving a pressure of 45 Kilos ( approx 100 lbs) evenly across the whole garment.

The choice of different pressures is backed up with a whole range of variable functions to be used depending on the type of fabric being pressed, so you can rest assured the most delicate blouses, to the toughest denims will get the right treatment.

The ironing press make’s ironing effortless, closing the handle, squeezes the plates together with upto 100lbs of pressure.
Cuts ironing time by as much as 50% and is kind to clothes helps avoid shining.
Choice of automatic high pressure or light pressing.
Temperature control to suit all fabrics.
Steam ON or OFF setting
Real steam not just a squirt of water like some...
Power ON/OFF and temperature ready indicator
Extra burst of steam feature helps remove all wrinkles.
Automatic safety shut off operates in both closed and open situations.
Auto safety shut off Auto pressure, approx 100lbs

Pressing area 80 cm long 31cm wide